Running a child care centre takes a lot of energy.

Location Melbourne, VIC
Installation Type Commercial solar roof mount combined with LED lighting refit
System Size 12kWp
Installed Area 75m2
Number of Panels 48x Trina Honey 250 watt polycrystalline panels
Inverters 1x European SolarMax three phase inverter
Mounting System Australian made and engineered Sunlock aluminium frames
LED Lighting Replacement of 134x 4ftT8 Flourescent Tubes to Osram ‘Substitute’ 4ft LED 6500K Tubes

Estimated Power Demand Reduction: 7,525kWh

Estimated Power Produced 46.8kWh per day

17,080kWh per annum

Estimated Carbon Offset 22 tonnes CO2-e per annum

(equivalent of taking 6 cars off the road each year)

Viewbank Early Childhood Centre in Melbourne had identified escalating electricity costs as the largest single overhead, after staffing, facing the operation, with annual power costs exceeding $10,000 in 2013.

We were to conduct an energy assessment to determine a plan to take back control of the Centre’s energy costs. The analysis of the report demonstrated significant energy reductions through retrofitting of LED Lighting and on-site generated power through a roof top solar power system.

After discussions of the energy report with the Childhood Centre, we were engaged to implement those recommendations as they were a cost-effective and clever solution.

Being a Childcare facility, project planning was of key importance to ensure the highest safety standards, whilst minimising disruption to the Centre’s daily operations. This was achieved through daily in-depth briefings and open communication with involved staff.

Furthermore, Infinity liaised with the Childhood Centre’s electricity retailer and distributor to guarantee the solar system would comply with network requirements and was ‘grid connected’ in a timely manner.