Sky high energy savings

Location Highpoint Apartments Kings Beach
Caloundra, QLD
Installation Type Commercial roof mount
System Size 12kWp
Installed Area 78m2
Number of Panels 48x Hanwha SolarOne 250 watt polycrystalline panels
Inverters 2x German SMA STP5000TL three phase inverters
Mounting System Australian made and engineered Sunlock aluminium frames
Estimated Power Produced 52kWh per day
19,000kWh per annum
Estimated Power Reduction 60 – 70% of base load
Estimated Carbon Offset 18 tonnes CO2-e per annum
(equivalent of taking 4.25 cars off the road each year)

A design and install to grid connecting solar power system on behalf of the Highpoint Apartment’s residents at Kings Beach, Caloundra. The main goal was to supply a system that would help reduce the ever increasing costs associated with the community metering power bill.

Logistically, the installation was particular as all equipment needed to be lifted to the roof area which was at over a 20m height. This posed significant risk factors for the installers; therefore comprehensive safety and planning were integral to the completion of the job.  A crane truck was utilized to lift equipment on top of the apartment complex roof and ensured correct edge protection was in place.

A challenge of the job was the connection of the solar panels to the inverters and main metering board, which were all located deep in the basement of the complex. With no access to the internal lift-well or designated services shafts, a specialist heights team was enlisted to scale the exterior of the building and run the cabling down the outside of the building. Another specialist core drilling team accessed the basement through the external concrete layers in the garden beds above. With the technical complications successfully negotiated, the install team connected and commissioned the system over the next two days.

Due to space limitations, the system was split between two inverters and installed on the Northern and Eastern roof. Through careful planning and cost savings analysis, Infinity was able to determine a better overall ROI through this proposal.

Power continues to monitor the performance of the system and has already instituted simple load shifting measures to help reduce evening demands and therefore add to the overall savings that can be achieved.

Mr. Wilson, the Manager of Highpoint Apartments concluded, “To reply simply, it was an absolute professional job from start to finish. Everything from the initial sales call, through to completion of the installation just went to plan.”